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Inter-Ocean Tours has been taking divers around the world since 1974. Owner Marilyn Johnson Hearney founded Inter-Ocean as a follow-up travel experience for all her divers who had been diving on her boat charters to California's Channel Islands.

Kyoko Takayama had been a dive store manager before she joined us. Kyoko and her husband Ben Odegard are both Instructors and had been traveling and diving worldwide 20+ years.

Our staff of experienced divers will help you plan your next dive adventure to Caribbean, Western Pacific Ocean, Central Pacific Ocean, Eastern Pacific Ocean, and  Indian Ocean. Packages for single divers, families and groups of all sizes, for liveaboard boats,  resorts and remote islands can be found to match your particular preferences.

When interested in experiencing nature's oceanic beauty, contact us or please fill this FORM. If you have a flexible schedule, be sure to ask about our Last Minute Special.

We send quarterly enews for our clients. To receive enews and specials, please sign up below.

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Why Inter-Ocean Tours?

"Why should I use Inter-Ocean Tours?" That is a question you would be asking. Our repeating clients tell us that we often know exactly what they want. That is the best compliment we can imagine. How do we reach that?

We are willing to learn your preferences so that we can direct you to the destination and the resorts or liveaboard that will suit you and your company. More you let us know the better we can help you.

We are divers who love to travel. The details we have learned about the destinations from our travels over the years will help you choose the perfect trip for you. We will use our experience to provide the dive vacation you have dreamed of.

We can get you all the Specials the resorts and liveaboards offer. Sometimes we know of unadvertised deals that are even less. We share these Specials on Facebook regularly. Please find us on Facebook!

We will find the best airfare for you. lf the lowest fare is on the web, it is often the case these days, then you will purchase them on the web because we will tell you exactly where you can find it. Do not blame us if you waited a day and missed the deal. That happens too!

Many things can not be found on the internet. Or many things on the internet is simply advertisement. So let us help you to find "your best dive trip at the lowest cost". It is what we would like to offer to all our clients.

We look forward to answering your dive travel questions soon!

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