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Bay Islands

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'Utila Aggressor'

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Bay Islands (Honduras)

Roatan, Guanaja and Utila - the Bay Islands 50km (31 miles) off the north coast of Honduras - are a continuation of the Belizean reefs and offer great snorkeling and diving. The islands' economy is based mostly on fishing, but tourism is becoming increasingly important. The Bay Islands are one of the most extensive reef systems in the world, and offer spectacular diving and snorkeling. Surrounded by warm Caribbean waters, these hilly islands are as picturesque as unspoiled. There are numerous different coral types, sponges, fishes and marine life as well as warm, clear blue water and excellent visibility. Honduras' Bay Islands offer the right balance between adventure and relaxation, nature and civilization, and, in the end, a great vacation.

Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands found off the shore of Honduras. Although it is humid year around, rain fall can be scarce during the hot season, resulting in many beautiful, sunny days.  During the rainy seasons, there may be several downpours in a day, beginning and ending abruptly. The first rainy season is during June and July.  The winter rainy season is from October to Februrary.   Strong winds can accompany the rain and cooler weather, making a jacket necessary at times during the rainy season.

Utila, the smallest of the Bay Islands, is nestling in the Caribbean Sea and located approximately 18 miles (29 km) from the Honduras mainland port of La Ceiba. It is just 11 km long and 4 km at its widest and surrounded by vast coral reefs with prolific undersea life.

International flights to/from Tegucigulpa and San Pedro Sula operate daily to/from USA airports of Miami (American Airlines) and Houston (Continental Airlines) To avoid complications in connecting flights, international visitors to Utila tend to fly to San Pedro Sula and then take the connecting flight via La Ceiba to Utila.

Although more frequent in the months March-April and August-September, the Whale Shark is regularly sighted around the Island of Utila and unlike dolphins or other fish which tend to school or travel in pods, are usually solitary. That said, it is not uncommon for 5 or more singular Whale Sharks to be sighted in a single day along the northern shores of Utila. The tropical island of Utila is reckoned by some to be home to an annual rendezvous of these presumably migratory creatures who have been recorded traveling over 8,000 miles.

The Bay Islands are known for their outstanding climate.The average yearly rain fall is 100 inches (254 cm), creating a lush green tropical island paradise all year round.

The average annual temperature is 85 °F (29 °C), and ranges from the upper 80's during the Summer months and the low 80's during the Winter months (November - February). The occasional cold front sweeps through the island, generally 3-4 times a year, dropping the temperature into the high 60's (18-20°C) for a few days. Humidity is high for most of the year round, but is most noticeable during the summer months, especially May through to September.

The off-shore sea temperatures surrounding the tropical island of Utila normally vary between 27°C - 31°C (81°F - 88°F).

How to get there
You can fly to San Pedro Sula and then take the connecting flight via La Ceiba to Utila. As at 1-Jan-2005, Aerolineas SOSA and Atlantic Airlines are the only airlines with scheduled flights to Utila and operate these flights with small 15-20 passenger aircraft.
Roatan also takes international flights. Continental Airlines fly to Roatan from Houston on Saturdays. The schedules of Aerolineas SOSA and Atlantic Airlines are designed to connect with these international flights and then it's only a 15 minute connecting flight to Utila.

The electrical current  is 110 V AC with plug connectors the same as the USA.

The Honduran currency is the Lempira. U.S. Dollar banknotes can be used in place of the Lempira, with the local stores and businesses usually giving exchange rates at the same (or sometimes better) than the local Honduran banks, and without charging exchange commissions. 

Malaria risk
Risk throughout the country at altitudes below 1000 m (<3,281 ft) and in Roatán and other Bay Island.
Visit CDC for more information.

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